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At Harley Sleep Clinic, we assess your condition, customise a treatment plan for individual needs and offer comprehensive care for various sleep disorders. Sleep disorders are problems associated with sleeping, including insomnia, sleep apnea, hypersomnolence, and circadian rhythm disorders.
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Dr Hady Jerdak
Dr Hady Jerdak (General Manager)
Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases & Sleep Disorders
Dr Hady started his education at the American University of Beirut (AUB) and finished his specialty in pulmonary diseases.
Dr Houssam Tohme
Dr Houssam Tohme
Ear, Nose & Throat consultant
Dr Tohme holds a Bachelor of Biology and diploma of Medicine from the American university of Beirut (AUB).
Dr Luis Gavin
Dr Luis Gavin
Maxillofacial Surgeon
Dr. Luis Gavin is a multi diverse dental expert from Spain, with a Degree in Dentistry, Medicine and Surgery...
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  • Do you often feel tired or sleepy during the day?
  • Has anyone observed that you stop breathing while asleep?
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